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100 Day Journal - Anne-Sophie Gaspersz


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  • Afmetingen:
    13,7 x 21,8 x 2,5 cm
  • Gewicht:
    456 gram
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  • Publicatiedatum:
    jun 2016

100 Day Journal

happiness, gratitude, productivity

Anne-Sophie Gaspersz

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People who achieve the peak amounts of success, the happiest people in the world have a set of positive habits that they do daily that puts them in their happy place. The most important thing they do is choose to focus on the good. They do this by choosing positive thoughts and following through with positive action. They do this consistently. The 100-Day Journal will make you develop that same happiness habit.
The 100-Day Journal is an elegant, physical journal with a simple, intuitive format that you follow for 100 days.
100 days is the perfect length to internalize a new behavior and experience a shift in how you think and feel. 100 days to inch yourself closer to making that dream a reality. Remember that incredibly satisfying feeling you get from finishing a book? A project? A good run? You will experience that same sensation while keeping this journal. It's an exciting challenge you know you can finish. The journal comes undated so you have the flexibility to start whenever you like.
Designed to keep you positive, grateful and on track with your goals. Consistently.
The morning section will inspire you to start each day in a positive state of mind, so you feel happier and more productive the rest of the day. The night time section will help you unwind your mind at the end of the day and focus on gratitude and self-reflection. The time out section will give you a little time out from the daily hustle and bustle of life and inspires you to take action to turn your dreams and goals into a reality.
Focus on the good, take steps toward that dream, find happiness within.

Inside the journal:

*150+ inspirational quotes
*In-depth introduction section packed with scientific research on positive psychology and the science of happiness
*The benefits of starting the journal
*The philosophy behind the journal
*The how-to guide
*Goal-setting plan
*Goal-setting sheet
*100 days worth of daily journal entries
*Daily blank page
*Daily quote
*Time out section every 10 days
*Section to reflect on the past 100 days
*Lays flat
*351 pages
*High quality linen cover material
*High quality foil stamp
*Silky black book ribbon
*Smooth ivory/off-white 90 gram paper
Great as a gift to yourself or others.
For more information and inspiration: www.100dayjournal.com

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