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Alle vestigingen

Alle vestigingen

3 uitgaven gevonden in Sam Taylor-Johnson

  • Second Floor

    When Sam Taylor-Johnson climbed the famous mirrored staircase of Chanel’s headquarters at 31 Rue Cambon, Paris, she did not quite know what to expect. Her destination was Coco Chanel’s...

    Second Floor

    € 50,00 Vanaf € 10,00
  • Republic of Trees

    One of the most vivid, gripping and chilling first novels of recent years, that tells the story of Michael, Louis, Alex and Isobel, four children on the edge of adolescence, who run away to...

    Republic of Trees

    Vanaf € 6,00
  • This Book Sucks

    MTV's irrepressible Beavis and Butt-Head appear in a collection of cartoons that reveals the lives, goals, and personal thoughts of the duo, featuring their favorite pickup lines, a map of...

    This Book Sucks

    Vanaf € 6,50