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Alle vestigingen

3 uitgaven gevonden in Centraal Magazijn (NL) Old filth

  • Last friends

    Last Friends, the final volume of the old filth trilogy, picks up with Terence Veneering, Filth's great rival in work and - though it was never spoken of - in love. Veneering's were not the...

    Last friends

    Vanaf € 7,50
  • Another masterpiece from Jane Gardam and the second novel in the Old Filth trilogy. Patrick Gale Filth (Failed In London, Try Hong Kong) is a successful lawyer when he marries Elisabeth in...
  • Old Filth

    Long ago, Old Filth was a Raj orphan - one of the many young children sent 'Home' from the East to be fostered and educated in England. Jane Gardam's novel tells his story, from his birth in...

    Old Filth

    Vanaf € 6,00