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Charting Your Career

Charting Your Career - Ph.D. Stephanie Jean Clement, Stephanie Jean Clement
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Getting a new job? Thinking of changing positions? To advance your career, you might consider an employment counselor. Such a person tries to line you up with a job that fits your abilities, talents, and desires.

But can you really say you know all of your potential? What amazing potentials (or problems) are in you subconscious? Now you can find out in Stephanie Jean Clement's book, Charting Your Career.

Dr. Clement - who holds a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology - has been a board member of the American Federation of Astrologers for almost a decade. This combination allows her to present information that is not only clear for any astrologer, but even for beginners or non-astrologers.

Most astrologers know that it is the tenth house is focused on career. But there is far more to a chart than that! First the book examines your skills and talents which are indicated by the planets and the elements. Then it looks at the fifth house which shows your wants and needs. You'll also learn about how best you interact with others which is indicated by the relationships between the planets or aspects. This is followed by an explanation of how the planets Saturn and Mars influence your career strengths and goals.

Only after you have all of this information does Dr. Clement go into the importance of the tenth house and the important role it plays in determining your ideal career.

Also included is a discussion of the second and sixth houses, working with heliocentric charts, and much more. Throughout the book you will find numerous charts to illustrate and clarify the information. There are also examples from real life and sample consultation.

This is easily the most thorough book on astrological career counseling ever offered. For people who are not experts, it comes with an offer for a free birth chart so you can use this powerful book to get ahead in life.


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