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All Natural Girls - Martin Krake
All Natural Girls - Martin Krake


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All Natural Girls

Martin Krake

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Beautiful. Natural. Young. Nude. There is no better way to describe Martin Krake s "All Natural Girls." Photographed in picturesque natural settings, the untamed and wild magnetism of these beauties easily outshines the locations. These girls are innocent, beautiful and will keep you salivating for more. While concepts of beauty have changed over the years, there are some beauties that would be considered stunners in any era. These girls are an all-natural contrast to the tattooed vixens that grace many magazine covers these days. What is that special quality that characterizes our All Natural Girls? It s about more than just a pretty face and perfect skin, the curve of the hip and swell of a breast. Any true beauty has a glint in her eyes, that something that sets her apart; she possesses natural charisma and a hint of playfulness. The beauties in All Natural Girls have that allure and you ve got a private invitation to watch these innocent young girls exploring themselves and their surroundings. One fresh-faced young model beguilingly poses on an old wooden bridge; in another scene a model leans back, naked and alone on a tree branch. It s more than an eyeful, these dazzlers expose it all! Photographer Martin Krake uses the world as his backdrop. He s been taking pictures of nudes since he was a teenager, which is perhaps one of the reasons he s a master of the art of the natural nude. His style has developed to focus on the raw and uncomplicated beauty of the girls. The photography reminds us of what pure and natural beauty really is. No special costumes, no hairspray, no overdone makeup. What Krake presents is their freshness and innocence. Krake has captured them at their most unrestrained, just the girls, nature and you. Slender, full breasted, rounded, pure and mischievous, all you could desire. Attention to detail is essential; the play between the girl and her environment, the contrasting textures of the rough bark of a tree with the perfect skin of a pure beauty pressed against it, the curves of a body contrasting the rugged stones of an old stairway. These flirtatious natural beauties are sure to titillate, intrigue and inspire. Their fresh faces and wholesome physiques are alluring treasures, presented to you here as mouth-watering nudes."

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