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Butt Babes - Dave Naz
Butt Babes - Dave Naz


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Butt Babes

Dave Naz

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The ass. That glorious masterpiece. The maker s most temperamental vestibule. So welcoming and irresistible. Alluring and mysterious. Majestic. Divine. It demands to be worshipped, adored, and fawned over. Every curve examined. Every angle framed. This heavenly orb is forever smiling a mischievous invitation that begs for further investigation, exploration. Powerful, yet impishly playful. It secretly entertains the possibility of smothering its wistful audience, suffocating the over appreciative viewer who drinks too deeply of its exhilarating beauty. Yes, go ahead, it dares you it commands you! Drown in it. Devour it. Submit to it. And in just reward it will submit to you like no other. For it has been ergonomically designed to perform amazing feats of intoxicating extremes perpetrated in or against its honor. But slow down a minute now tiger that s just me fantasizing about you fantasizing about the limitless possibility that the sight of a great ass inspires in all of us. Welcome my friends to Butt Babes the latest love song in Dave Naz s decades long litany of praise and worship to the female form. We hereby invite you to lose yourself in ass. Juicy, plump, round mounds of delectable flesh. The architectural fundament from which the rest of the body brilliantly blossoms. The most mesmerizing of all the feminine charms. The devil s playground where the panties can come off, the costumes are kept to a minimum and there need not be any bondage for the succulent angels contained within these pages generously proffer themselves up for your lusty delectation. Artifice is irrelevant here. In the hands of Dave Naz the ass itself is a work of art masterfully rendered in luscious tones of pearl, pink, ivory and bronze. With Butt Babes his sixth book for Goliath, Dave Naz once more proves that beyond his exquisite compositions, the perfection and precision to detail, his choice of sophisticated yet sassy locations, the real mastery at the root of his genius is the ability to create truly intimate photographs. Portraits possessed of such a natural erotic essence that they feel real enough to touch. Images so inviting the voyeur can t help but feel as if they are part of the original script. !!! Full description continuous in contributors !!! see below"

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