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Glamshots - Tom Veller
Glamshots - Tom Veller


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Tom Veller

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Hardcover  Tweedehands vanaf € 39,50.


You ll find girls with huge breasts, girls with tiny waists, and girls with every delectable shape in between, but the one thing you won t find in these pages is inhibition. The subjects of Glamshots: hot and naked are a bevy of sultry young babes; fun, flirty, and presented at their most appealing. They re ripe blonde, redhead, and brunette fruits, ready for the picking. From the erotic come hither gazes of some models to the frisky playfulness of others, these girls are proud and perky. Clad in flirty lace or luxurious furs, some with a hint of latex others with barely-there bikinis, they take charge of the room. No matter how coy the costume, it always happily ends the same, with panties, furs, and bikini bottoms dropped to the ankles, cheekily baring all. The settings range from frilly girly bedrooms to lakeside docks to steamy underground boudoirs. One mischievous redhead looks as though she s just wandered into the kitchen from a club. Her short skirt suddenly finds itself hiked up and her glittery pink top seems to fall away as she playfully explores her epicurean settings. Another beauty explores a spa, seemingly trying to figure out just how many provocative poses she can show off. These would be the girls next door if you were lucky enough to live in paradise. They smile, gaze, and beckon, revealing delightful dimples and pouty lips. With devious twinkles in their eyes, one can never really tell how deep that devilish streak runs. Posh and sumptuous, they re just waiting for the right person to come along and take advantage of their innocent situations. One of the most attractive features of the photography in Glamshots: hot and naked is the fun the models are having. Even when they re seductively smoldering at the camera, they ve still got a glint in their eye. I think a fun atmosphere is essential to achieving a good result. says photographer Tom Veller. Considering that his hobbies are fitness and cinema, it comes as no surprise that Veller is a perfectionist, attuned to the beauty of the female form on film. The girls of Glamshots are ready and waiting to inspire your impure thoughts and they ve given you a VIP pass to the party."

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