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Mastering Light & Shade in Watercolor - Ong Kim Seng


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    International Artist
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    Gekartonneerd met stofomslag
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Mastering Light & Shade in Watercolor

Ong Kim Seng

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Gekartonneerd met stofomslag


Few students realize that in order to give their paintings a luminous glow they must also manipulate the darks. Ong Kim Seng is a master of this method and in this book he shows how to do it. He follows a stimulating, logical progression that begins with materials and works enjoyably through planning a light-filled composition, using color to intensify light, devising areas of color contrast and the best ways to use tonal values to capture the light in a dramatic, evocative way. Then we come to the crux of the book. While he demonstrates how to produce lively, light filled paintings Ong Kim Seng also shows the important role that shadows play in the scheme of things. Through a series of beautiful demonstrations he shows how to manipulate the shadows to create luminosity. He shows how to mix the color of shadows and suggests alternate approaches for different paintings. Ong Kim Seng then shows how to guide the viewer's eye through the painting to the center of interest using light and shade and a battery of interesting ideas, from simplification to amplification. He devotes a chapter to the concepts of harmony, unity and balance and even shows how to solve problems in finished works. While all this solid art instruction is taking place, Ong Kim Seng never lets the student forget that there is more to a work of art than technique. Multiple step-by-step demonstrations, examples, ideas, inspiring storytelling and a gallery of gorgeous paintings set the seal on an exceptional book. Book jacket.

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