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Great Railway Journeys of the World - Max Wade-Matthews


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    Hermes House
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Great Railway Journeys of the World

Max Wade-Matthews

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There are few finer experiences than the thrill of a great railway journey. "Great Railway Journeys of the World" describes 95 outstanding railway journeys in all parts of the globe, experienced firsthand by a team of expert writers. For luxury and romance there is nothing to touch traveling on the Orient Express, the Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria or the wonderful nostalgic "Palace on Wheels" in Rajistan. The many extraordinary feats of engineering described include the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostock, the Trans-Andine Railway in Chile with its 26 tunnels in 44 miles, and the Brazilian line from Santos where the carriages are still hoisted up the Serro do Mar on a rope. For lovers of the latest and fastest trains there is the high-speed line from Tokyo to Osaka, or London to Bern by Eurostar and TGV.Long or short, modern or historic, broad-gauge or narrow, each of the journeys described here will whet the appetites of rail enthusiasts everywhere. Packed with information - historical, geographical and technical - and with over 700 photographs of the world's most remarkable trains, often set against a backdrop of stunning scenery, this monumental book bears eloquent witness to the enduring romance of rail travel.
-- Contains accounts of nearly 100 of the world's most legendary train journeys
-- Includes such departure points and destinations as Boston, Venice, Pretoria, The Khyber Pass, Darjeeling, Fuji, Sydney, Edinburgh, and many, many more
-- Comprehensively illustrated with over 700 pictures of the locomotives themselves, their stations and the tracks that links beautiful scenery with bustling metropolis.

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