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Alle vestigingen
In my father's garden - Jan Siebelink
O.a. Winnaar AKO Literatuurprijs 2005


  • Auteur:
  • Uitgever:
    De Bezige Bij Amsterdam
  • ISBN:
  • Bindwijze:
    EPUB met digitaal watermerk
  • Aantal Pagina's:
  • Taal:
  • Druk:
  • Publicatiedatum:
    mrt 2013
  • Literatuurprijzen:
      Winnaar AKO Literatuurprijs 2005
      Genomineerde Libris Literatuur Prijs 2006

In my father's garden [e-Book]

Jan Siebelink

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Winner of the 2005 AKO Literatuurprijs - a true Dutch bestseller Translated by Liz Waters Throughout his long career Jan Siebelink has brought to life dozens of characters, yet never before has he come as close to his own roots as in this new novel. In My Fathers Garden is the gripping story of a father-son relationship, in which the father becomes obsessed by a fire-and-brimstone Calvinism. Hans Sievez has a profoundly religious experience at a decisive moment in his life. He is convinced he has been in direct contact with God. During the ensuing quest for eternal life, he loses control over himself, and his contact with his surroundings. This ultimately threatens his marriage and his relationship with his two sons. The local Calvinist congregation increases its power over him. Jan Siebelink describes the battle of a man who is no match for the irrational persuasions of faith. In My Fathers Garden is a moving novel of a love that is gradually overwhelmed, but will never disappear.
`In Dutch I have never read a novel so pure and therefore written so well. He deserves all the prizes we have this year.' -Vrij Nederland

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