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Mary Gilliatt's Dictionary of Architecture and Interior Design - Mary Gilliatt


Mary Gilliatt's Dictionary of Architecture and Interior Design

Plus essential terms for the home

Mary Gilliatt

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Whether you are a home owner, an amateur restorer or decorator, a realtor, a student, or a professional seeking an indispensable reference book to recommend to clients and/or to use with them, you have probably, at one time or another, wished for an easy-to-use one-stop reference guide for architectural and interior design questions. Part dictionary, part reference book, and part Who's Who all rolled into one, Mary Gilliatt's Dictionary of Architecture and Interior Design is exactly that-a single comprehensive source of information that will help you navigate all decisions related to home decor, from familiarizing yourself with construction techniques and materials to buying furniture, from choosing flooring and wall treatments to collecting decorative glass or ceramic pieces, and from making decisions about the overall style of your home to individual window treatments, room by room. In this dictionary, Mary Gilliatt-a seasoned interior designer and author of over thirty-five books on design-introduces you to the terms, jargon, and famous figures specific to the industry, not only aiding your comprehension of all its varied facets, but also giving you the crucial communication tools necessary to clearly express your needs to professionals and retail specialists. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or hire an architect, interior designer, or contractor, "speaking the same language" will always make every job go smoother and may even help you to avoid costly mistakes.

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