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Post Graduate Vagabonding

Arnold Samuelson

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Paperback  Tweedehands vanaf € 10,00.


Arnold Morris Samuelson graduated in journalism in 1932 from the University of Minnesota. Unable to find work during the depression, he hitchhiked around the country to wait out these hard times. He first recorded in a diary his journey to the abandoned family homestead in White Earth, North Dakota. He renewed old acquaintances but spent much of his time in solitude, working odd jobs and reading. He camped part of the time in a coulee together with his horse, Dude and dog, Pup. His daily entries reveal much of his inner life as well as the colorful characters living in this rural community. In the second part of the diary, Arnold and a fellow journalism student, Ken Schmidt, vagabond their way south through Texas and throughout the western parts of the United States for a nine month period. Each day is a story of survival as they attempt to find food and shelter. Colorful characters are described as they encounter them. Sportsmen will enjoy their fishing and hunting experiences. At the end of the diary in the summer of 1933, Arnold has returned and lives in his crudely built shack in the coulees in North Dakota. After the travels related in this diary, impulse brought Arnold's vagabonding 1800 miles south by freight train directly to the door step of Ernest Hemingway in Key West in May of 1934. He asked Hemingway for writing advice and was surprisingly taken in for almost a year as a protege and a boat boy aboard Hemingway's boat "Pilar" for a dollar a day. Hemingway published an article in Esquire magazine in October 1935 about his experiences with Samuelson titled, "Monologue to the Maestro" A High Seas Letter". Arnold had recorded his own experiences during this year in a manuscript which he continually reworked, but never felt was publish worthy. However, it was discovered after his death in 1981 by his daughter, Dian Darby. In 1984, she published the manuscript as With Hemingway: A Year in Key West and Cuba. Also, Paul Hendrickson in his 2011 book, Hemingway's Boat: Everything He Loved in Life and Lost, 1934-1964, devoted a long chapter to Arnold Samuelson who had lived aboard the boat. In this book, Post Graduate Vagabonding, you get to experience the years leading up to his time spent with the literary giant.

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