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Wildlife the Nature Paintings of Carl Brenders - Carl Brenders
Wildlife the Nature Paintings of Carl Brenders - Carl Brenders


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    Harry N. Abrams
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Wildlife the Nature Paintings of Carl Brenders

Carl Brenders

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Carl Brenders is one of the world's most accomplished nature painters. Specializing in wildlife, Brenders in no way neglects the natural settings in which mammals and birds live. Meticulously realistic, brilliantly observed, and exquisitely composed, his paintings take their place in an artistic tradition that goes back to John James Audubon, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, and Wolfgang Kuhnhert. With his growing reputation, he stands as equal beside such distinguished contemporaries as Roger Tory Peterson, Guy Coheleach, and Robert Bateman. Fifty of Carl Brenders' finest paintings of North American wildlife - deer, wolves, cougars, foxes, squirrels, bears, and many different species of birds - make up this collection of recent work of the highly regarded and extremely successful nature painter. His first retrospective book, it is certain to become a collector's item. Here, along with the fifty full-color reproductions of Brenders' works, are a tantalizing selection of his preliminary sketches. All are accompanied by an introduction and complete captions for the paintings written by the artist himself. Brenders freely discusses his sources of inspiration, describes his field experiences observing and photographing his animal subjects, and shares his own deep convictions about the importance of wildlife preservation and wilderness area conservation. In addition to these texts, the book offers a brief biography, with photographs of the painter, by Dana Cooper, who has written about numerous other contemporary nature artists.

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