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SAS Shadow Warriors of the 21st Century - Barry Davies


SAS Shadow Warriors of the 21st Century

Barry Davies

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-- The first book to deal exclusively with the SAS anti-terrorist team.
-- Reveals SAS anti-terrorist training techniques.
-- Includes all the secret hardware used by the anti-terrorist team.
-- Includes dozens of previously unpublished photographs.
-- Contains accounts of the anti-terrorist team's actions, including first-hand accounts from team members.That the British Special Air Service (SAS) is a world-famous fighting force is well known. Less well known are the activities of one of its units: the anti-terrorist team. SAS Shadow Warriors is an in-depth examination of this elite within an elite: its training, equipment and many successes at home and abroad. Drawing upon previously classified information and unpublished photographs, SAS Shadow Warriors gives the reader a unique insight into one of the world's most effective counter-terrorist units.Beginning with an analysis of how Britain's crack military unit became involved in anti-terrorism, SAS Shadow Warriors goes on to look at how today's SAS soldiers equip themselves for the specialist task of rescuing hostages and curtailing terrorist activities. SAS Shadow Warriors shows how SAS train for any terrorist emergency. Specialist missions require specialist hardware, and so the book devotes a chapter to the wide range of equipment that has been designed for use by the team, everything from explosive entry charges to high-tech listening devices.In addition to protecting the UK's interests, the anti-terrorist team is often called upon to aid Britain's allies in times of need. SAS Shadow Warriors includes instances when a handful of SAS soldiers have helped rescue VIPs of a friendly power. Illustrated withoutstanding color photographs of the SAS anti-terrorist team throughout, SAS Shadow Warriors is a gripping story of a truly outstanding unit.

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