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The Healing Power of Light - P. Cooper


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    Red Wheel Weiser
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The Healing Power of Light

P. Cooper

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Paperback  Tweedehands vanaf € 10,00.


Are you experiencing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or do you know someone who is affected by a lack of light? Are you aware of the importance of light in your life, especially during the winter months in northern climates? Do you know that light is -- and has been -- used to heal people of various disorders ranging from depression to cancer? Answers to these and many more questions about light can be found in Primrose Cooper's The Healing Power of Light. In this useful and enlightening book, Cooper takes the reader through a sweeping discussion of light and its uses in creating a healthier life.The Healing Power of Light is a well-rounded discourse that demonstrates how hard science and metaphysics merge to give us an opportunity to live healthier lives. After explaining in accessible language what light is, how we perceive it, and the increasing uses for light in the treatment of disease, Cooper opens her discussion to a broad range of thought, including an excellent discussion of the pioneering work of Rudolf Steiner, and of Dr. Norman Rosenthal, who developed full-spectrum light treatment for Sad. Dr. Edwin Babbitt, author of Principles of Light and Color; Vicky Wall, creator of Aura Soma Color Therapy; Harry Oldfield, developer of electro-crystal healing; Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light, and Peter Mandel, who merged light therapy and acupuncture are all cited in this important work. Cooper mentions Dinshah's famous spectrochrome and the fact that his work is carried on to this day.Cooper investigates the importance of metaphysics in her investigation into the power of light. She delves into the Theosophical system of the Seven Rays, outlining each of the rayswith its respective color association and meaning for whole health. She offers an understanding of the meridians of Chinese medicine as lines of light that run through the body and dramatically impact health.In addition to an explanation of the chakra system, Cooper provides practical advice for clearing your aura, preparing people to receive treatment, and group healing. The Healing Power of Light offers clear-headed advice to guide the reader toward a greater wholeness though light.

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