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Travels in the South Pacific - Jason Smart


Travels in the South Pacific

Jason Smart

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Paperback  Tweedehands vanaf € 7,00.


Jason Smart was born in Middlesbrough, Northern England. After a brief stint as a civil engineer, he became a driving instructor and then a teacher. After six years living in Qatar, he now resides in Jakarta, Indonesia, with his wife. He has travelled to over 150 countries.In his latest fast-paced travelogue, Jason Smart flies between the islands of the South Pacific, visiting Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Samoa and East Timor. In Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea's edgy capital, he finds out about betel nut-chewing raskol gangs before meeting a village chief armed with a machete. In Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands, he learns why many of the locals have curious blonde hair before sampling possibly the worst pizza in the world. Moving on to Vanuatu's pretty capital, Port Vila, he avoids giant centipedes but discovers a cyclone is heading his way. Managing to keep one step ahead of the storm, he flies to Fiji where he sips on kava, learns about cannibals and finds the time to walk around an entire tropical island. In Nuku'alofa, Tonga's small capital, he observes the island's famous fishing pigs, listens to heavenly church singing and hears that Tonga abounds with ladyboys. After a brief stopover in Auckland, New Zealand, he heads to Samoa where he visits the former residence of Robert Louis Stevenson. His final stop, not quite in the South Pacific, is East Timor where he climbs 500 steps to see Christ as he tries to grasp the history behind this new nation.Jason Smart is the published author of fourteen other books, all of which are available on Amazon. Visit his website www.theredquest.com for more information.

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