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Bioorganic Chemistry: Nucleic Acids - Sidney M. Hecht
Bioorganic Chemistry: Nucleic Acids - Sidney M. Hecht


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Bioorganic Chemistry: Nucleic Acids

Sidney M. Hecht

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Bioorganic chemistry has expanded rapidly over the past two decades, enriching the disciplines of biology and chemistry and providing important insights into the workings of biological systems at a molecular level. Recently, this growing field has witnessed some very exciting results in applying design and synthesis techniques to many problems in molecular biology. Much of the current work in areas such as protein folding, signal transduction, molecular recognition, monoclonal antibodies, and drug design is being conducted by bioorganic chemists. Bridging the gap between chemistry and biology, Topics in Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry, A Series of Books in Support of Teaching and Research is a novel resource designed to serve the needs of the many graduate students, professionals, and researchers who work and study in these fields by concisely summarizing a range of topics which constitute the core of expertise in this emerging discipline.
This first volume, Bioorganic Chemistry: Nucleic Acids provides an overview of DNA and RNA, including coverage of biosynthesis, structure, and their functions in information storage and transmission. Special emphasis is given to the manner in which the individual chemistries of DNA and RNA conduce to their specific functions. The chemistry of molecules that disrupt nucleic acid biosynthesis and functions, antisense technologies involving RNA and DNA, and naturally occurring ribozymes are also covered. Each chapter begins with an introduction that includes basic principles, a summary of key findings which support current research in the field, and an overview of current research activity. The remainder of each chapter deals in greater detail with a number of recent studies that illustrate the nature of ongoing activity in the field.
Edited by one of the world's top researchers and featuring contributions from accomplished researchers, Bioorganic Chemistry is a state of the art, accessible account of the subject area which offers readers insights into the most current directions of research and important applications. Bioorganic Chemistry comprises three volumes: Nucleic Acids; Peptides and Proteins; and Carbohydrates.

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