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Alle vestigingen
World Atlas of Marine Fauna - Rudie H. Kuiter, Helmut Debelius


World Atlas of Marine Fauna

Selected non-sessile marine invertebrates from around the world, beautifully illustrated with thousands of photographs

Rudie H. Kuiter, Helmut Debelius

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This book is a companion volume to the World Atlas of Marine Fishes.

With over 8,200 of relatively large and beautifully presented color photographs it provides the greatest possible coverage of selected groups of the enormous variety of marine invertebrates in a single book. It is primarily aimed to assist people who have a keen interest in the small animals they encounter in the sea other than fishes, to find their scientific names or where to classify them.

Presented here are the species one is likely to see when diving or snorkeling in the sea, as well as those that are traded in the aquarium industry, with photographs large enough to see details for their identification.
Most species occur on shallow reefs in tropical seas, with the greatest species diversity in the Southeast Asian regions. This World Atlas includes many of the familiar decapod, crustacea...lobsters, crabs, shrimps; some worms and the highly diverse mollusca...sea-slugs and some other snails such as cowry shells shown with their animal, as well as octopus and squid; and various other groups of mobile invertebrates such as worms, flatworms, sea stars, urchins and many other echinoderms. With the rare exception, the animals were all photographed in the wilderness.

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