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I Ching -


I Ching

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Paperback  Tweedehands vanaf € 25,00.


"The I Ching is an oracle. Its answers change the way you see things. Your anxieties, fears and desires emerge to be recognized and resolved, and hidden transformative energies are released. Developed as an essential wisdom system over 3,000 years ago in China, the I Ching was originally reserved for the use of rulers but later its help became available to individuals in troubled times like our own. Inspired by C G Jung's insights into the psyche, and researched for more than 50 years through the aid of the Eranos Foundation of Switzerland, this edition is much more than another new translation. It presents the oracular core of the I Ching as a psychological tool, a way of connecting with the creative imagination that underlies all philosophies and systems. The transforming power is achieved by focusing on the book as an oracle, a method developed over many years by the translation team to preserve the original wealth of the imagery. The result is a network of meaning that, when accessed correctly, provides insight into the hidden forces behind the very situation which prompted your question. The oracular symbols interact with our minds the way dream images do. This is the language of the I Ching. It is an active sourcebook for the care of the soul."--Publisher's description.

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Centraal Magazijn
Boek (en eventueel omslag) in goede staat, mogelijk kleine foutjes of gebruikssporen
€ 25,00
Levertijd: 2-3 werkdagen

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