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One Bad Day - John Randall Dye


One Bad Day

John Randall Dye

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Paperback  Tweedehands vanaf € 14,50.


Australia and New Zealand! Where the wonderful is strange and the strange is wonderful.

Considering a vacation to Australia and New Zealand? Perhaps you need to read this book first. Part travelogue, the reader will delight in the itinerary that thousands of tourists follow each year. Part cautionary tale, the reader will discover there is no such thing as a perfect vacation. One Bad Day is a humorous but informative take on the lands Down Under.

One Bad Day is highly recommended for the undecided traveller. If you have a significant other who is determined to go to Australia and New Zealand, you will go unless you can make the better argument for not going. One Bad Day provides more than twenty-five excellent reasons to avoid a costly trip halfway around the world.

Or maybe it won't. Both countries offer unique attractions. One Bad Day makes a strong case to visit them while you can. In Australia, the temptation to cuddle with a koala is hard to resist. In New Zealand, you may encounter the kea, a large green parrot, on the South Island and the incomparable kiwi, the national symbol, on the North Island. Encounters with either will change the way you think about birds--and life.

Reader discretion is advised. One Bad Day is not suitable for those who are airplane impaired.

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