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Pure - Anne Geddes
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Koop Tweedehands

Gent (België)
Conditie: Goed Boek (en eventueel omslag) in goede staat, mogelijk kleine foutjes of gebruikssporen
2 st.
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Koop Nieuw

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No one photographs babies like celebrated Australian photographer Anne Geddes. From the launch of her first photographic greeting cards and calendar in 1992 to the phenomenal success of her books Down in the Garden and Until Now, her unique photos have touched millions of people worldwide. Now, in her stunning new full-color book, Pure, Anne achieves a completely new level of photographic artistry and vision.This paperback edition of Pure features French flaps and offers breathtaking images that intimately evoke the wonder of the first precious days and weeks of life. With eyes tightly shut, in wrinkly new skin, unaffected by and unaware of the world that awaits them, these newborns hint at the mysterious world before birth.The miracle of life shines from each sumptuous oversized page. Geddes presents these babies in their purest form to ¿emphasize the fact that they are vulnerable, fragile, and very precious human beings.¿ The revealing images of these ¿just borns¿ epitomize the words that accompany them: ¿Unique,¿ ¿Perfect,¿ ¿Extraordinary.¿Mothers, too, are shown anew through Anne Geddes¿ lens. Real women in the full bloom of pregnancy radiate serenity and promise. Mothers enfold babies in their arms, highlighting the beautiful bond between them. They reveal our shared humanity¿beautiful, vulnerable, loved. Pure is a powerful reminder that we all begin life small, innocent, and full of potential.With over 62,000 copies of the hardcover sold, Pure showcases Anne Geddes¿ extraordinary talent and her gift with newborn babies as never before. It is a celebration of life and birth sure to become a treasured volume the world over.



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