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Alle vestigingen

Alle vestigingen
Venetian palazzi - Giuseppe Mazzariol, Attilia Dorigato, Gianluigi Trivellato


Venetian palazzi



The splendor of the Venetian palaces continues to astound art-lovers and connoisseurs. Through wars, catastrophes and turbulent change, the palaces have remained intact, protected and oblivious to the chaotic events of history. During economic boom-time the aristocratic families of Venice had their homes transformed into art-works by the most famous and highly skilled craftsmen and artists of their era. As their collections were dispersed all over the globe when the Republic collapsed, the palaces with their splendid interiors, decorated plaster ceilings, grand staircases, ornamental mirrors, chimneys, floors, wall paintings were all rescued and restored to their original finery. This spectacular book shows the interiors of 19 of the most beautiful examples located in the ancient city. With each palace is shown the family crest of the original owners, alongside reproductions of historical etchings, explaining the decor and the family ancestry. The colour pages reproduce the splendor of the interiors and comment on the structure of these luxurious buildings. Homes you couldn't buy for love nor money, instead own this book -- a view through the keyhole into yesterday's lifestyles of the rich and powerful.

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