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Watchmaking - George Daniels
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Koop Tweedehands

Gent (België)
Conditie: Goed Boek (en eventueel omslag) in goede staat, mogelijk kleine foutjes of gebruikssporen
1 st.
Reprint 2014, Philip Wilson Publishers
Levertijd: 2-3 werkdagen

Koop Nieuw

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George Daniels completed his first watch in 1969, arousing enough interest to generate a renaissance in the art and skills of designing and making individual watches. Watchmaking describes every aspect of the antique craft of watch construction. Line drawings detail every manufacturing technique employed, and completed watches and their component details are illustrated in color.

The author's principal aim in writing this book has been to inspire and encourage the art of watchmaking, especially among a new generation of enthusiasts. As a supreme master of this art, his advice is constantly sought both by students and watch repairers. His understanding of the problems that can beset the would-be watchmaker, especially in an age of mass production, his expert knowledge of the history of watchmaking, together with his concern for the continuation of the art, have convinced him of the need for a comprehensive study of the subject.

One of the most interesting aspects of George Daniel's work, which this book describes, is that he makes every component of the watch himself. In addition to explaining the techniques required, many of which he has evolved himself, Daniels describes the tools that will be necessary for working, both by hand and machine, and also defines the ideal workshop and its contents.

The making of the precision timekeeper is described, step by step, and is illustrated at each stage with line drawings and brief explanatory captions. The text is easy to follow and care has been taken to avoid complicated technical descriptions.


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