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Empire And Society

Charlemagne - [Ed.] Joanna Story
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Fifteen introductory but challenging essays on the key aspects of the age of Charlemagne written by many of the top scholars of early medieval Europe.

The age of Charlemagne was a crucible for change in the history of Europe, bridging the divide between the medieval and the classical worlds and setting the political and cultural tone for centuries to come. This book focuses directly on the reign of Charlemagne, bringing together a wide range of approaches and sources from the diverse voices of fifteen of the top scholars of early medieval Europe. The contributors have taken a number of original aproaches to the subject, from the fields of archaeology and numismatics to thoroughly-researched essays on key historical texts. The essays are embedded in the scholarship of recent decades but also offer insights into new areas and new approaches for research.

A full bibliography of works in English as well as key reading in European languages is provided, making the volume essential reading for experienced scholars as well as students new to the history of the early middle ages.