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ITIL®4 - A Pocket Guide - Jan van Bon


  • Auteur:
  • Uitgever:
    Van Haren Publishing
  • ISBN:
  • Bindwijze:
  • Afmetingen:
    12,3 x 16,7 x 1,2 cm
  • Gewicht:
    171 gram
  • Aantal Pagina's:
  • Rubriek:
  • Taal:
  • Druk:
  • Publicatiedatum:
    mei 2019

ITIL®4 - A Pocket Guide

Jan van Bon

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Paperback   Nieuw vanaf € 21,26.


The ITIL pocket guides of Van Haren Publishing are since long recognized as the industry classic guide on the topic of ITIL, in many languages. Over the years this authoritative guide has earned its place on the bookshelves and in the briefcases of industry experts as they implement best practices within their organizations. This pocket guide will provide readers with an understanding of the ITIL 4 service management framework, by: • understanding the key concepts of service management • understanding how the seven ITIL guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management • understanding the four dimensions of service management • understanding the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system • understanding the six activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect • knowing the purpose and key terms of 15 of the 34 ITIL practices • understanding seven of these 15 ITIL practices in detail All exam requirements for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam are covered in this pocket guide. It also provides support for everyone who has knowledge of previous ITIL editions and is looking for a bridge to the new edition. ITIL 4 took a big leap into the modern world of IT service management, covering the latest principles and practices in a customer-focused, service-centric way, enabling Agile principles for maximum support of any business.

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