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Killer Poker Shorthanded - John Vorhaus, Tony Guerrera


Killer Poker Shorthanded

John Vorhaus, Tony Guerrera

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Paperback  Tweedehands vanaf € 10,00.


Think Short--Win Big!
Think about it: many poker games eventually become shorthanded because of nature's #1 rule?survival of the fittest. And the pros know that shorthanded games give prepared players the opportunity to quickly take down the money, because most opponents wind up making crucial, costly, and easily exploitable mistakes.
Whether you're online in a 6-max game or sizing up the survivors over a Vegas poker table at 4am, let John Vorhaus and Tony Guerrera bring you past the math and theory, and into the realm of real profit. Learn the unique talents you need for shorthanded play, such as:

Constantly changing gears and throwing your opponents off guard

Recognizing highly profitable bluffing situations

Employing multiple strategies to remain one step ahead

Identifying player types in shorthanded sessions

And much more!

"Killer Poker Shorthanded" also gives you everything you need to know to dominate every conceivable tournament situation, from a shorthanded sitngo online to heads up action at the final table of the World Series of Poker!
John Vorhaus has been described by CNN as "the sage of poker of our time." He has written more than three million words about poker in a career stretching back to 1988. In recent years his prolific pen has yielded "Killer Poker No Limit!, Killer Poker Online/2: Advanced Strategies for Crushing the Internet Game, The Killer Poker Hold'em Handbook," and "Poker Night: Winning at Home, in Casinos, and Beyond.""

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